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2019 Chao Chen For his scientific research on front-end ASICS for 3D ultrasound imagers.
2018 Michel Antolović For his scientific research on SPAD imagers optimized for super-resolution microscopy.
2017 Massoud Tohidian For his scientific research on high-performance super-heterodyne receivers that are implemented using a minimum of analog circuits.
Waqas Syed, winner 2016 2016 Waqas Syed For his scientific research on the analysis and design of artificial dielectric layers, and their application to advanced antenna and antenna array structures.
Daniele Raiteri, Winner of the Award in 2015 2015 Daniele Raiteri for his scientific research on Technology-Aware Circuit Design for Smart Sensors on Plastic Foils.
  2014   There was no Award Ceremony in 2014 as the conference was rescheduled from autumn 2014 to March 2015.

2013 Mark Oude Altink The 2013 Award of Euro 5.000,- was given to Mark Oude Alink for his PhD research work at the University of Twente on “RF Spectrum Sensing in CMOS Exploiting Crosscorrelation” .
Agata Sakic, Winner of the Awar in 2012 2012 Agata Sakic

For her Research on Silicon Photodiode Detector Technology tailored for use in Scanning Electron Microscopy.

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