Else Kooi Award
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  2011   In 2011 the prize has not been awarded since there were no suitable candidates.
2010 Cong Huang For his Research Ultra linear low loss varactors and circuits for adaptive RF systems.
Andreas Hansson, Winner of the Award in 2009 2009 Andreas Hansson For his research on a Composable and Predictable On-Chip interconnect.
Hylke Akkerman, winner of the Award 2008 2008 Hylke B. Akkerman For his research onLarge-Area Molecular Junctions.
Wico Hopman, Winner of the Award in 2007 2007 Wico C.L. Hopman For his research onLight-Flow Characterization and Manipulation in 1 and 2 dimensional photonic Crystals. 
Ronald Naber, winner of the Award in 2006 2006 Ronald C.G. Naber For his Research on Ferroelectricity Functionalized organic field-effect transistors. 
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