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Winner Else Kooi Award 2015    
Daniele Raiteri    

The 2015 Else Kooi Award has been granted to Dr Daniele Raiteri for his scientific research on Technology-Aware Circuit Design for Smart Sensors on Plastic Foils.

Dr Raiteri’s research is focused on organic semiconductors. This emerging technology has specific features which severely complicate the design of circuits and systems, such as low transconductance, gain and speed, as well as high component variability. Dr Raiteri has devised several new solutions that have shown to be extremely robust to variability, achieving significantly better gain-bandwidth products in amplifiers and exceptional signal-to-noise ratios in voltage-controlled oscillators.

Raiteri has received the award during a special ceremony on Wednesday 25 March 2015 at the ICT.OPEN symposium.


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